Why wait for reality to set in before you act? Time to go Extramile…


It is a norm or trend in this part of the world to wait for reality to knock on our door before we act or make strategic decisions that will help us, and whola! We start jumping up and down for solutions that were there but we couldn\’t see them. Why wait? Why? I can\’t imagine why a taxi driver or a security man would wait till the time he has to pay his child\’s school fees before planning or doing something about it when ordinarily, he could have been putting some cash aside in a safe or in an investment wallet, but no,he would rather wait for the crisis to hit him hard. Within a twinkling, he would have plunged himself into huge debt. Why?



Another saddening scenario is a banker earning a good salaryand telling people how to save and invest their money but he is lavishing hisown money and after few years of working hard day and night to save his job, helost it. Yes, he received a sack letter to give a chance for innovative chaps tocome in. Did he lose all, why? He hasn\’t made any investment commitment or saved.Why wait?

Today, it is beyond thought how many people are becoming gullible and falling into the traps of ponzi/pyramid scheme and scammers. Why? They wanted to get rich quick and they lose the little they could have invested in a gradually growing company like Extramile Africa.

Wait no more, make a move…

Good news! You shouldn\’t be waiting for the sky to turn red before you act. It will turn dark, but you would have made hay while the sun shined. Invest during the day for the night will surely come.


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Go with Extramile Africa, it is a lifetime journey worth taking.