It\’s no longer a new info that Nigeria is now in a state where your future does not depends on your certificate anymore. The future now lies in the hands of those who are ready to catch it while they are still young.

Thousands of Nigerians graduate every year with the hope of acquiring Jobs with their Degree Certificates. But unfortunately, they keep joining the myriads of unemployed youths which were also produced by the same Nigeria Universities.

If you are reading this article right now and you are still an under-graduate, count yourself a very lucky person because this is an opportunity which could have changed the lifes of many unemployed graduates only if they knew about this opportunity while they were still in school.

It\’s all about EXTRAMILE, AFRICA.
EXTRAMILE, AFRICA is a zero-fee , low-risk, no maintenance and ATM free mobile platform which allows users of all calibre save their money and at the same time can also invest their money.

Extramile Africa is a better option for investors as Investors get 25% RoI after 365days of investment and 12.5% RoI after 6months of Investment.

Start saving on Extramile now, it\’s never too late to start.

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Extramile Africa, We go Extramile to make you rich…?


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