Wellness vs Livelihood: Where is our priorities in the face of COVID-19 Pandemics

We all would survive, but how many would keep living is the bigger question? Fast forward, science and drugs have failed many as over 100,000 people have lost their lives to the Covid-19 pandemic. Many were lucky, some were not. It is now a tough battle between wellness (health) and livelihood (economy).

Since the adoption of the rule of isolation, so many are scared of their jobs because not only have they become broke, also are they scared because they do not know when next a credit alert would pop-in. In USA alone, over 20million citizens have filed for unemployment and joblessness status in the last 2months into 2020. They have come to realize who really is in charge of their life. This is the reality of life.

Suli Breaks said jobs allow you to pay bills, make ends meet and survive. Note, surviving not living. Working 9 to 5 is how you survive, do you intend surviving or living?

Many live by the law of survival of the fittest. We struggle within scarcity, failing to raise our gaze and discover it is greener on the other side. We prioritize having a livelihood to making ends meet and forget that someday, insurgencies like pandemics can arise and place on our hands a glove, preventing it from feeding our mouth. How long can you survive without your hands?

Depending on a single income is dangerous

More people are losing their jobs, more will still be thrown out due to the adverse effect of the pandemic. Employers are still be friendly by asking their employees to take pay cut. Do those employees have a choice anyway?

A job makes you just over broke every single month. So many would come so late before they can relate.
Shawn Carter said, \”9 to 5 is how you survive and I ain\’t trying to survive.\” How do you make money work for you? The simple trick is locking up some money for investment. You can see that I am not necessarily telling you to jump the booth and become an entrepreneur, Nope! Everyone can\’t just be an entrepreneur like some motivational speakers deceived us to be. Why should I if I can\’t walk the lonely journey alone.

There is always another route that is less risky. Pull your money, not all, and join it together with others for risk-takers and entrepreneurs to work hard and smarter with it and make more money for you.

You don\’t need to be the one watering, nurturing, pruning and monitoring your seed. Be smart by allowing planters and harvesters do the work for you.

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