That is a quote from Prof, one of the now loyal persons who got a quick Finance to settle urgent Academic needs of the child at the private university.

Imagine needing to make some Payment, and funds just became so scarce…

What made him happy was the fact that he had been locking up funds continuously, bit by bit and in bulk, for over 5 months, and these funds (which he wanted to be untouchable) had been yielding some interest (at a rate of 25% per year) far higher than the savings, Cooperatives, and fixed deposits he\’s used to patronizing.

So, hearing that his funds which were locked up and had been yielding, could also stand as collateral and he\’ll get his loan in less than 3 hours, he actually doubted (according to him), but was later bewildered. Now he\’s a proud loyalist, saver, and investor.

He doubted because, the banks had stylishly denied him, and the cooperatives weren\’t going to process the funds as fast as he needed it.

Besides, he wanted a platform he could easily still keep some funds for investment, despite having an ongoing loan tenure.

Do you actually know that For anyone that would be financially free, there is a need for him to ensure his fund is growing, and not just stagnant?.

That\’s what Prof identified.
He was willing to build wealth the way those ahead have built. Bit by bit Investment, which allows him to access low rate loans in case of the rainy days.

Do you know that as a saver, a salary earner, You have been saving your funds in some Institutions, and such funds had been loaned out, used by others who loaned it, but you were never paid what you deserved from the profit?

Or would you say you\’ve ever gotten up to 5% annual returns on your savings account, or more than 10% on fixed deposits, or more than 15% on mutual funds?

Definitely NO, even though your funds had yielded multiples in their hands.

Now, this is what Prof had in ExtraMile Africa.

Access to low-interest finance (Instant/Quick Finance) for various Purposes.

Access to lock up and Investment Opportunity to get up to 25% per year ROI

A Savings Wallet that keeps his funds at Zero charges, far away from hidden charges

A digital platform on which he could access other material products that makes him spend less and save more.

And many more offers.

Now… If you\’re the type Interested in money doubling finances, this isn\’t for you, stay off.

ExtraMile Africa is empowered to drive Financial Inclusion as backed up by the Gates Foundation, IFC, EfinA, and other Credible Organizations. A quick or thorough search will explicitly show the impeccable identity we hold.

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