Still Saving In The Bank? Here Are Ways We Are Bringing Investment Opportunities To Your Doorstep

Extramile Africa is rebuilding the ruins and setting the pace to building the Alibabas and Amazons of Africa. How exciting would it have been if you invested in Microsoft and Google when they were still growing? You probably would be enjoying the millionaire status right now.

Well here\’s a similar opportunity for you! As a student, business man, petty trader, entrepreneur, labour-worker, association owner, or an NGO, are you interested in making profitable and secure investments? Then you\’ve come to the right place.

At Extramile Africa, we provide you with express opportunities to make investments that first of all grows your wealth, grows the businesses of the recipients of the funds and also grows the economy. So it\’s a win-win and an Extra win.

Below are ways we are bringing investment opportunities to your doorstep.


With Extrawealth, you have access to up to 5 times more than your bank offers. You can invest as low as ₦10,000 for 6 months or 12 months with 12.5% ROI in 6 months and 25% ROI in a year. You earn more by just investing your funds with Extramile Africa.

We put your funds into profitable businesses like greenhouse farming, supply chain, distribution of produce, smart logistics, pharmaceuticals, e-commerce etc. We make you an investor in multiple and diversified indigenous businesses from the comfort of your home!

The time to get started is now. Download our app and start investing today!


Can you imagine how wealthy you will be if we birth multinationals like Facebook, Uber, Alibaba, Amazon, etc with you as a shareholder? Are you willing to take the first steps that will lead to such profitable investments in Africa? Then Extradiaspora is your answer.

Extramile Africa invests diaspora funds into scalable businesses which are being mentored and guided from day to day to aid growth, create jobs and make you earn more. What\’s more, these businesses share their profit with investors like you and we all win!

Let\’s build African businesses together in order to have an Africa we are proud of tomorrow. Join the train now, to a future of financial dominance by investing in African businesses.

Download the Extramile App to get started while these investment opportunities are right at your doorstep.

Article Written by Adeniyi Oluwakemisola.