Five Best Practices For Effective Cashflow Management For Entrepreneurs

To get to the peak of your business and maintain that high standard, is the desire of every CEO including you.

However, there are some vital things to pay attention to for this to happen.

Chris Chocola said, one of the earliest lessons I learned in business was that balance sheet and income statement are fiction, cash flow is reality.

Knowing this, we have put together;

Five best practices for effective cash flow management for entrepreneurs like you:


For your business to have consistent ROI there is a need for skilled staff who will understand the Companies vision and Mission statement very well.

It takes someone who is fully aware of the companies objectives and is dedicated to working, to keep the companies ROI constantly coming.


When you keep buying without taking a good record of what you need, you discovered that you are just wasting money. Instead of cash flowing into your business account, it will be going out; and I\’m sure this is not what you want.

Ensure you focus on the essential things the organization needs to keep running smoothly and profitable.


One proven and tested way that top brands have used repeatedly is by initiating bonuses. Especially when people are on a low budget; Humans will always prefer bonuses and will keep coming to your organizations to do business with you repeatedly.


Especially when you are starting up a new business or your business is still small, to ensure there is constant cash flow you need to have a back-up reserve. This way, if peradventure something happens along the line, you will have something to fall back on.


In most businesses, it is very difficult to avoid credits. In this case, you need to keep an eye on those owing you and make sure they pay in good time. If you constantly leave your debtors with your money, you might find it difficult to keep cash flowing and the business might not be flowing well too.