About Us

Extramile Africa focus on building Africa lastmiles customer-first technologies that help democratize access to the digital economy and credit infrastructures. 

Extramile Africa is Africa fastest growing financial inclusion hyperlocal ecosystem that offers micro enterprises and lastmiles that are underserved address their credit needs on-the-go couple with seamless access to credit scores, virtual Marketplace as our extra solutions.

Extramile Africa is building credit-on-the-go solutions for micro-enterprises- addressing the over $300billion credit gap in Africa impacting over 150million micro enterprises with 41million+ in Nigeria alone. 

Extramile Africa extends credits to underserved and financially excluded people and help them build their offline enterprises to experience digital footprints.

Following Extramile Africa financial inclusion success stories (backed by Efina supported grants from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, UKaid and Tony Elumelu Foundation) in the last two years to onboard 145,000+ unbanked, underbanked and underserved at the bottom of pyramids in 16 states in Nigeria to experience digital wallet, banking and credit-on-the-go offerings, the startup has expanded its informal market operations in the last four months to drive 10million last-miles, micro-enterprises and smallholder farmers into her embedded finance ecosystem by 2026.

Extramile Africa through its pay-as-you-stock financing model provides credit-on-the-go infrastructure to Africa micro-enterprises and smallholder farmers, mainly non-digital users, lastmiles and underserved who are unfairly ignored by banks.

Extramile Africa unique selling proposition is her digital wallet (Extrawallet) to attract both digital and non-digital users in the informal market to her newly launched digital embedded finance product offerings. 

Extrastore by Extramile Africa

Extramile Africa helps with your stocks and inputs faster and smarter without the stress of money to purchase.

We pay in advance for what you buy to stock your shops, restaurants, farms and you pay back small small

Extramile Africa helps you to pay small small on whatsoever you are buying into your shop, store, farm, and for your business to grow on our Marketplace. 


Smart stocking and inputs for your business and farm. Pay back small small as your sell


Power your business and homes with Extrapower. Pay small small without stress


Load your phone with data, call cards and you can also pay small small if you can't pay at once. Extramile Africa is juicy.


More sales, better profit onboarding your products and services on Extrastore by Extramile Africa. Good deals beyond borders even if what you are selling is chicken or bags. With Extrastore, you earn more points to get free access to stock your shops and loans from our partners.


Without sound health, you can't run your business. Our healthcare and wellness check is at your doorstep. Access our wellness packages and pay small small without stress and you will continue to live a healthy life.

Our Community

Extramile Africa Community is your fastest route and channel to us.

Join our inspiring community

Our milestone is to become a credit power house giving access to the underserved and lastmiles to become who they want to become in their business/Entrepreneurial journey.

We credit you to meet your daily needs and utilities with new confidence to keep running your business without fears of running out of cash.

Your Extrawallet is your new credit to getting things done faster in our Ecosystem;  

  • ExtraCoop

    Our credit managers or cooperative heads are helping us to drive real-time financial inclusion and growing our enterprise ecosystem. Are you a cooperative, association, or farmers group, jump onboard as we digitalize your businesses, members and Products

  • FLIC

    We co-create, co-share and co-earn to create shared-prosperity for millions people across the globe. Join our Extrawealth Investment syndicate where you can empower micro enterprises, smallholder farmers and extramile Africa business portfolios and share prosperity with us.

  • ExtraCash


    Score points and earn extra cash as you buy from Extrastore by Extramile Africa and refer your friends to join Extrawealth- group of investors syndicate helping small businesses, micro enterprises and Smallholder farmers to scale in Africa.

  • ExtraPoints

    Meet our Credit Managers near you. We help your business flies and grow faster as we restock and give you seamless access to your daily stocks and inputs.

Helping Africans creating more jobs and building better lives

Our focus is to help more young people to get into starting their own businesses and micro enterprises and shun idleness, kill unemployment and eradicate poverty.

You don’t need to be on government payroll or do Yahoo Yahoo before you live fine. Start a business today and Extramile Africa will support you. 

Why we are Winning at Extramile Africa

We build great lives!!!

Extramile Africa is an Efina-backed digital financial inclusion ecosystem in Africa. Building a bridge that connect the have (resources) to the have not (lastmiles). Where easy inflow transaction (remittances), credit offerings and purchases can take place on a single platform.

Extramile Africa, a credit-as-a-platform is poised to supplies credit infrastructures to micro enterprises and Smallholder farmers within the Africa informal market without bottlenecks.

Our mantra is that business owners don’t need to leave their Businesses to go queue, lobby and break their necks in the banks before they could access credit facilities to run their enterprises.

Extramile Africa provides a 24-hour credit scores and credit access to Africa lastmiles to restock and drive market without them leaving their stores and farms.

Join us to win. Start your journey to financial freedom here 


Olalekan Bankole

Bankole Olalekan is a serial entrepreneur with core interest in agribusiness, technology, communication andnancial services. He is the founder and CEO of Extramile Africa. He is a PhD candidate and a rm believer in the project Africa.

Peter Waschira

A result oriented Entrepreneur with a need to see things through, I believe that, what can be done should be done, what can’t be done must be done

Victor Olatunde

Olatunde, Victor Adeoluwa is a trained Agric Engineer (PhD in View)with 11 years entrepreneurial experience across the ICT, Branding, Agric, Energy and Fintech Industry. He is certied Enterprise Manager from the EDC of Lagos Business School, Nigeria, and well established Social impact leader.

Julius Adewopo

Julius Adewopo earned his Ph.D. from the University of Florida (USA), M.Sc. from University of Arkansas-Monticello (USA), and a Bachelor’s degree from Federal University of Technology, Akure (Nigeria). He has acquired 10 years of diverse experience in Corporate Management, Research, and Professional development.

Adefemi Adejare

Taslim Salahudeen

Salaudeen Taslim has his Barchelor of Technology in Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System. He is a skilled GIS Analyst, Product Lead, Technical strategist and Mobile Application Developer. He has years of experience in these elds and he is a passionate problem solver and technology enthusiast.


Omoniyi Owoeye

Owoeye Omoniyi is an Urban and Regional Planner graduate with skills and years of experience in Web and App development also the founder of Worldest IntelliSoft Limited and Worldest Mediatech Concepts and an award winner of The Most Enterprising and Innovative person, Federal University of Technology, Akure.