Extrafarm by Extramile Africa

Extrafarm by Extramile Africa helps you to own at least a cow or more in her Cow πŸ„ Yard and help you to sell it for better profit if you want.Β 

In our extrafarm Cow Yard at Ilero, we help you to buy at least one cow or more, we raise it for you between 6-9months and you make good profit on it or you buy it back if you want at a discounted price.

Cow business is a secured business at this trying times.

Minimum Investment: from #105,000 & above

Return on Investment: 25%

Duration of Investment: 9monthsΒ 


Take advantage of this rare opportunities, Extramile Africa-Extrawealth monthly Investment portfolios window and act before the offers shut down.

This Offer lasts till August 30th, 2022.
Jump on it and let us help you turn your fortune and financial system around.