Business Branding support

1.      Logo design

2.      Flier Design

3.      Catalogue

4.      Business profile(Lookbook)

5.      Business card

6.      Letter head paper design

i. 3000


iii.3000(5 page)

iv. 5000(you provide content,5 pages)

v. 2000

vi. 2000

Financial documentation support

1.      Business plan

2.      Financial plan

3.      Auditing report



iii. On request

Market channel support

1.      Website design and development

2.      Social media setup

3.      Digital marketing

4.      Advance marketing Analysis(market survey, data analysis)



iii.on request

iv. 15000

Content writing support

1.      Sale copies/website/sales content (1 copy weekly)

2.      Pitch deck

3.      Copywriting

4.      E-book Cover design



iii.4999(250 words)

iv. 2999

Advance technical support

1.      UI/UX for your e-commerce/website

2.      Full website or ecommerce website

3.      Technical report for getting grants


ii. On request

iii. 24999



Business registration support

1.      CAC registration for business name

2.       CAC registration for Limited


3.      TIN registration (TAX registration Number)

4.      NAFDAC Registration for Product manufacturers

5.      Trademark/patent registration

6.      Export/Import registration support



i.                  14999

ii.                 On request

iii.               2999

iv.               On request

v.                 On request

vi.               38999

Foreign Documentation support

1.      International Passport and Visa processing

2.      Letter of recommendation and interest letter

i.                  69,999

ii.                 34999

Business Financing support

1.      Access to government loans and Extracredit

2.      Access to local and international grants

i.                  On request

ii.                 15999


Documentation And digital record

1.      Documentation And digital record support

i.                  15999