Credit-on-the-go and pay-as-you-stock bit-by-bit for micro-enterprises within the informal market (mom & pop stores, retail shops, input and commodities suppliers, POS centers etc). 

Credit-on-the-go | Pay-as-you-stock | Pay back bit-by-bit.

If you own a small business, we don’t want you to close down your shop again to go and queue at banks for loans or run out-of-cash to restock- access our instant credit offerings

How to access Extramile Africa credit Offerings;

We reach users who are underserved by traditional financial services, which often require customers to have a credit history or assets to secure financing.Our innovative financing model, pay-as-you-stock offers them instant access to credit or products, while building their credit scores over time through daily/weekly/monthly micro-payments.Once a customer has paid off the first instalment (10-30% upfront) for the credit options he is using, he can access instantly credit either in cash or stocks on the web platform or through our credit managers nearest to him for non-digital users.

Boost Credit Score

Build your credit scores with extrawallet in 24hours and access our credit-on-the-go solutions wherever you are (micro-lending with micro payment offers), 

Payment Plan

  • You either choose a daily. Weekly or monthly payment plan after your first deposit
  • Your payment plan is either 1month, 3month or max 5month.
  • 1month payment plan- fasttrack payment, upfront/no-upfront payment
  • 3month payment plan- upfront payment of upto 10-30%, rate on credit per month- 5%, 15% in 3month
  • 5month payment plan- upfront payment of upto 10-30%, rate on credit per month- 5%, 25% in 5month  

For an example; Amount requested for- 50,000. Amount to be repaid back in 3-month plan- 65,000

Contact our Credit Manager on 2347039504053