With Extrawealth- You are building an exciting and enterprising community with us and helping one another to grow faster than our imaginations. Join to us win! Earn great returns investing with us!

From investing to acquisitions, we seek out opportunities across a broad spectrum of industries like Agribusiness (commodities supply, Cow fattening & ranch, Logistics, Tractors, Irrigation, Farmland leasing, Greenhouse & Commercial farming), Real estate, Co-oporative and Credit-offerings, Healthcare products and solar power access.

We co-create, co-share and co-earn to create shared-prosperity for millions people across the globe. Join our Extrawealth Investment syndicate where you can empower micro enterprises, smallholder farmers and extramile Africa business portfolios and share prosperity with us

We bring a diverse set of capabilities to the table beyond being a capital solutions provider, including a principled, flexible approach to invest where our involvement can create the greatest value for our investors.

Extramile Africa seeks opportunities to improve businesses capabilities, drive mutual benefit for all parties involved and contribute positively to society.

Win with us at Extramile Africa by joining our investment syndicate (group) today  

Investing to create long-term value. 

1. Commercial farming and commodities supply

2. Logistics- Extraride (Tractors & Trucks)

3. Cow fattening and mini-ranch (Extrafarm)

4. E-commerce (Extrastore by Extramile Africa)

5. Healthcare products (Extracare by Extramile Africa)

6. Co-op & Credit-offerings (Extracredit)

7. Real estate (land flipping)

8. Solar power products (Extrapower)


How it Works

Your investment starts with a minimum of #10,000 to a maximum of #10,000,000. 

Our Investment packages;

3-Month- 2% ROI on your investment per month making 6% ROI in 3-month. 

6-Month- 2.08% ROI on your Investment per month making 12.5% ROI in 6-month.  

12-month- 2.08% ROI on your investment per month making 25% ROI in 12-month. 

Investment above 12months attracts high returns on investment with dividends. Talk to us; 2349016551665

"At Extramile Africa, we power our Investment packages with Disruptive Technologies and Insurance."