Frequently Asked Questions

EMA a fintech pan-african smart mobile solution that integrate digital platform to ensure financial security and wealth inclusion for small-scale business owners, innovative startups and budding entrepreneurs, low-income earners, farmers and unbankable, unbanked, underserved, young working class and students to save bit-by-bit and increase their savings over a period of time through Extramile. With Extramile, no depletions of savings, rather, every saver enjoy increase in their savings. Extramile helps low income earners, students and young working class to become smart investors, co-owners and shareholders of innovative startups in Extramile by turning their savings into investment.

Extramile is a sharing economy digital platform that empowers the ordinary man on the street to co-own a company without starting his own company. An extramiler save bit-by-bit into extramile and extramile turn the crowd-savings into investment in innovative and selective startups that are market and investment ready. Our 40-40-20 profit-sharing model supports crowd-savers to become smart and co-owner investors. 40% of profit made goes to the investors, 40% goes to the selective startups while 20% are shared among the team members and partners of extramile. Everybody wins. Everybody is a co-owner and shareholder. We empower the ordinary man and the unbankable to be financially independent wherever they may be using their phone or through our community agent to save or invest their money without hidden charges, everybody takes ownership.

We are excited to mend the broken fences of deductions and hidden charges with no good returns on money saved. EMA fixes it.

  1. Individual savings
  2. Ajo- Cooperative savings
  3. Save to Invest- you either choose to get dividends on your money after 12months or you choose to get value for every penny invested on EMA immediately

What is more, when you register and upload your picture as a new user, you will get your customized EMA wallet that gives you detailed report and simple analysis of every savings or investment on your wallet. It will also show clearly in charts how your invest investment is growing monthly. Everything is just on your mobile.

Banks make money by deducting lots of charges from savers money and inturn release the common man savings and money to the hands of big business people and politicians. The banks and businesses invested in make more money, the savers get peanuts.

We are excited that we are building a digital and innovative platform that brings convenience, financial inclusion and empowerment to the common man on the street. Extramile invests crowd-saving got from extramilers in selective investment-ready startups that want to scale and we share the profit between both savers and startups while extramile takes just 20% of the profit made. Savers become a co-owner of the extramlie forever as long as they keep saving. No more hidden charges or few enrichments.

Yes! We don’t leave our users in the libido. Aside information you will always read on our blog and social media handles, if you have questions, queries or enquires, our support team will instantly respond to you 24/7. You can have access to this support base on the method you desire, either, phone call, Extrabot in the app or website or our facebook, whatsapp and so on. Our help lines and emails are always active to get your financial problems solved

Oh, yes. Inviting your friends or anyone to EMA is quick and easy. The more friends you invite to use EMA, the more points you earned and you can convert your points to cash or values anywhere anytime.

In Africa, we have our stories and they are unique. Unlike in developed countries, we can’t just be creating platforms to connect startups to invested money or farmers produce to the market without investigations. In Africa, we got to dirty and soil our hands to make the money. We got to do the hardwork to create wealth. It is not the other way round. We can’t continue to leave business in the hands of unstructured businesses, we just need to get involve. We engage and work with all the stakeholders.

Our startups are co-shared and co-owned by the extramile platform. We help a startup founder to grow faster by sharing the ownership of his company with investors, in return investors path with their money to finance the startup traction and scalability. We incubate indigenous, innovative and disruptive startups and accelerate its growth with crowd-savings from investors. Our laser focal point/trajectory are in agribusiness, tech and low cost driven startups. Our preferred choice of startups are innovative, low-cost, tech-driven, smart, indigenous and young startup.